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Reinventing Flood Barrier Systems Through Superior Design & Rapid Deployment

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WaterBlocks is a registered TradeMark and dba (alternate corporate identity) of Locking Line Barriers Corporation.

Locking Line Barriers is proud to introduce a revolutionary product line that’s primed to set a new bar in large-scale flood protection,  WaterBlocks™, along with our new Digital Barrier Sharing Network.

Flooding affects more and more Americans every year – and yet, we continue to rely on inadequate systems for managing, redirecting and stopping the onslaught of floodwaters.

WaterBlocks™ are steel-reinforced, interconnecting plastic units that link together to create a watertight wall of protection.  What makes WaterBlocks™ so special is their unique design, which allows them to be both rapidly-deployed and efficiently-assembled and removed.

WaterBlocks™ have many useful applications including crowd – traffic safety and controlconstruction site protectionnatural resource conservation, and more.

Looking ahead, Locking Line Barriers has also developed an integrated business model for long-term success and growth in our new Barrier Sharing Network, a forward-thinking solution that enables communities to have timely access to WaterBlocks™ on a cost-effective, as-needed basis.

Flooding strikes with little notice, but WaterBlocks™ empowers municipalities, governmental agencies, and NGO’s to be better equipped with a new Tool to protect lives, communities and our environment.

Invest in WaterBlocks™ dba Locking Line Barriers Corporation with confidence as we prepare to go to market with our revolutionary WaterBlocks™ product line and related services.  Funds from this crowdfunding raise will be used to support inventory expansion, marketing, promotions, and product line sales at trade shows as well as promotional events with municipalities across the country.


The Market & Industry

To examine the current market viability of WaterBlocks™, Locking Line Barriers commissioned a detailed study looking at the market acceptance, need and overall demand for rapidly-deployable flood protection and multi-use barrier systems.  Additional focus was spent on means of access including whether the assets are rented through a web-based asset and cost-sharing network rather than outright purchased per standard convention.Since the WaterBlocks™ target market is the emergency authorities and responders of municipalities, government agencies and NGO’s, research consisted of a nationwide sampling of 36 randomly-selected jurisdictions.Our research resulted in these key findings:

  • Market need & demand for flood barriers far exceeds the current availability of a sufficient supply
  • Until WaterBlocks™ are brought to market, the need & demand will remain unfulfilled for the foreseeable future

It would take more than 800 Truckloads of WaterBlocks™  (806 to be exact, with 63.5 miles of barriers) to fulfill the demand for flood barrier systems – and that’s just for the 36 respondents surveyed.

At the current MSRP price of $200,000/truckload, LLB sales would be $161,200,000 for the 36 respondents polled so far.


WB One Page Pitch: WB1-Page-Pitch.pdf (71 downloads)

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